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 Now accepting applications for  SOIMA LATAM 2014!!!

Deadline for SOIMA LATAM applications has been extended to 18 july

The first SOIMA course in Spanish. Application deadline has been extended to: 18 July, 2014  

Now accepting applications for SOIMA-LATAM 2014: Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections

So far, four SOIMA courses have been successfully organized in Brazil (SOIMA 2007), India (SOIMA 2009), Latvia and Lithuania (SOIMA 2011) and Nairobi, Kenya (SOIMA 2013). The next SOIMA-LATAM Course will be held in Mexico City, México, from 3 November 2014 to 18 November 2014. The deadline for applications has been extended until July 18th  2014!


In 2015 the ICCROM organizes the fifth international SOIMA course (Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections) at the KIK-IRPA in Brussels. The SOIMA project aims to educate professionals worldwide for a better management of audiovisual collections (from safekeeping to restoration and disclosure) and to promote knowledge networking on a global scale. SOIMA 2015 will consist of a ten [...]

SOIMA 2015

Welcome to SOIMA in Practice

In 2007 an initiative of the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property's (ICCROM) Sound and Image Collections Conservation (SOIMA) Programme launched the “SOIMA In Practice” website as a platform for highlighting the issues and challenges that smaller institutions face in preserving sound and image materials.

This website has been developed as an interactive platform for the growing SOIMA community to share knowledge, experience and to support each other. As the community grows, we expect to post an ever increasing stream of information offering a wide range of knowledge and experience in solving challenges of sound and image preservation.

If you would like to contribute or offer general feedback about this website, please send us a message!

What is the purpose of this website?

As a result of the SOIMA Programme and the SOIMA International Courses, an international SOIMA community of professionals in charge of audiovisual collections around the world has developed. This website is dedicated to them and provides a platform for communication, information and mutual support.

This website was conceived of as a dynamic and interactive platform on which SOIMA participants and lecturers could exchange knowledge and experiences. By consolidating and providing easy access to the resources, knowledge, practices and projects of SOIMA participants and lecturers, this website aims to support and motivate professionals in charge of audiovisual collections so that they may overcome specific management or preservation challenges.

How to get involved

Achieving the goals of this website is only possible with your help. Please participate in the SOIMA in Practice forum by sending us your contributions. As the SOIMA community grows, we expect to post many new experiences, case studies, projects and articles, and offer a wider range of resources for SOIMA professionals.

Through the Forum and most pages of this website, you will find a form that you can fill out to publicly share an idea or post a comment. If you would like to contribute material or offer general feedback about this website, please send us a message.