AMIA Scholarship Program

Sony Pictures Scholarship – The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship - Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship

The AMIA Scholarship program awards three annual scholarships – the Sony Pictures Scholarship, The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship, and the Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship. These scholarships – each in the amount of $4,000 – are given as financial assistance to students of merit who intend to pursue careers in moving image archiving. The funds are sent directly to the recipients’ educational institutions to help cover the costs of tuition or registration fees. Students from any country may apply. Applicants need only submit one application form and one set of supporting documents to be eligible for all four awards; however, no applicant will be awarded more than one scholarship.

The Sony Pictures Scholarship is supported by Sony Pictures Entertainment. In 1998, it became the first financial award in our field to be endowed on a permanent basis. The Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship (named in honor of Rick Chace) was established in 2002 and the Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship was established in 2003.

To be eligible for these awards, a student: must be enrolled FULL TIME in a graduate-level or other advanced program in moving image studies or production, library or information services, archival administration, museum studies or a related discipline; or must be accepted into such a program for the next academic year; and must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in his/her most recent academic program.

Students from any country may apply. Important factors in the selection of the scholarship recipients include: a student’s commitment to pursuing a career in moving image archiving; the quality of a student’s academic record; and the strength of a student’s program of study as it applies to moving image archiving.

Applications for the Sony Pictures, The Rick Chace, and the Universal Studios Preservation, are available from the AMIA office and on the AMIA web site beginning in January each year. Scholarships are awarded in early July.

The AMIA Scholarship Program is funded by Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Rick Chace Foundation, and Universal Studios for Film and Television Heritage for the purpose of developing the next generation of archivists who will soon be entrusted with the care of our moving image heritage.

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