SOIMA Participant Testimonials

Hilke Arijs, SOIMA 2011

“Participating in the SOIMA 2011 course gave me the strength and energy to continue to fight for SOIMA collections and to create awareness about them. Theory can be found in books, articles…  but reading studies and reports can never inspire you as much as this course.”

Evan Maina, SOIMA 2011

“SOIMA to me was of great value both in terms of learning and interacting with amazing people from diverse backgrounds. Each week I learned something new from highly qualified tutors as well as from my fellow participants. I miss the impromptu discussions we had covering a wide variety of issues surrounding SOIMA collections… Also never to be forgotten are the excursions and trips we made to Latvia and Lithuania… I had never such a wonderful time with amazing, beautiful, friendly and kind people.”

Filip Kwiatek, SOIMA 2011

“The SOIMA course was a great and important event in my professional life. To meet and listen to the experts from leading institutions in audiovisual preservation helped me to improve and develop my skills. It was also a pleasure to share experiences with other people from archives, museums and libraries. I hope it will bear fruit in cooperation and common projects. I highly recommend participation in SOIMA for everyone involved in sound and image preservation!”

Miguel Lourenco, SOIMA 2011

“The philosophy behind SOIMA 2011 seemed clear to me: solid teaching of AV preservation by means of professional diversity and multicultural participation… SOIMA 2011 matched my interests and contributed deeply to my professional experience. I’m proud to have participated in this important ICCROM course. What impact SOIMA 2011 will have in my career and future activities I cannot say for sure, but there is no doubt about what [it] brings to my knowledge of cultural preservation, particularly of the 20th century heritage.”

Annika Räim, SOIMA 2011

“SOIMA course was for me an inspirational experience. I gained a lot of new knowledge that helped me to take a clearer focus in my professional activities. It gave me the direction to move on and assertiveness to point out the problems.  After the course I felt enthusiasm to learn more about preserving A/V heritage. As important as the new knowledge and skills were the inspirational people I was lucky to meet during the course.” 

Jouzas Markauskas, SOIMA 2009

“For me SOIMA was a very important activity. Not only because of interesting training agenda but also to make new contacts. I am happy that these contacts helped me to host SOIMA 2011 in my region. Today partnership continues together with other SOIMANS we are planning to hold professional international workshop.”

Iolanda Ratti, SOIMA 2009

“SOIMA was an incredible experience for me, both during my internship in 2008 as well as a participant to the course in India in 2009. On a professional point of view the course is really intense and the quality of teachers and organizations involved incredibly high. In one month I can say I learned as in six months at University, and with a hands-on approach, that is really enriching. Thanks to SOIMA I had the opportunity of meeting professionals from different countries and contexts and to enlarge my professional network of colleagues and, even more important, of friends!”

Emma Rey, SOIMA 2007

“After SOIMA 2007 I helped develop the Syllabus to Audiovisual Archives Management at the School of Library and Information Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman. The course was finally offered in the first semester of School Year 2011-2012. I taught the subject with confidence because of the SOIMA Course. I used many of the materials I got and learned from SOIMA. In the process, I have introduced AV archiving to my graduate students.”

Francisco Miranda, SOIMA 2007

“Since SOIMA 2007 in Brazil, my personal development has been marked due to the knowledge acquired from remarkable professors. Indeed, this has been reflected on my work at the University of Chile and in my own experience as a private consultant. I have carried out different training activities and spoken at the University about handling sound archives in Chile, Brazil and Mexico.”

Mercy Mashingaidze, SOIMA 2007

“For me, SOIMA  was an unforgettable experience that empowered me with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge particularly in preserving audiovisual archives. It made a great contribution to my professional life as an AV Archivist, especially given that in Zimbabwe there was at that time no institution offering professional training in the area of sound and image preservation. My institution also benefited from my SOIMA experience because I managed to implement and share some of the lessons with other Archivists and colleagues. I also learnt a lot from the international participants and professors, not only related to safeguarding sound and image collections but also in terms of intercultural relations in a professional set up through the many group exercises and trips done during the course. I will forever be grateful to ICCROM and the Andrew Mellon Foundation for facilitating my opportunity to take part in SOIMA 2007.”