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Fundamentals of Archiving Photographs

A Manual by Sebastian Dobrusskin, Wolfgang Hesse, Martin Jürgens, Klaus Pollmeier, Marjen Schmidt.

The English translation of the fourth edition of the book “Faustregeln für die Fotoarchivierung” by Martin Jürgens was recently published.

The translation was supported by the European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) with the project “Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access” (SEPIA). 91 pages, ISSN  0945-0327, PDF-File (152 KB), EUR 10,00.

Report available at:

AV Preservation Online Tutorial “A Race Against Time”

The online tutorial was developed by the Conservation Centre for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) for curators, librarians, archivists, collections managers and other staff who are involved in managing machine-based media collections in cultural institutions. Viewers will learn basic principles and concepts for managing audiovisual collections and will be provided with information and strategies for preservation, contracting for reformatting, and finding funding opportunities.

Online tutorial available at:

IMAP Preservation Guide

PACKED published a Dutch translation of the Preservation Section of the EAI Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art in the form of an online manual. This text was originally written by Independent Media Arts Preservation, Inc. (IMAP), a nonprofit service, education, and advocacy organisation that has been committed to the preservation of non-commercial electronic media since 1999.
As time goes on the text will be completed by PACKED (in consultation with IMAP) with its own information (updates, interviews, case studies, etc).  » Read more..

Report and Analysis on the Training Needs Survey

This report describes the survey on training needs in digital preservation and curation carried out in the context of the DigCurV project.  It analyses the main findings of the survey and provides a summary of the results from a series of focus group meetings held in the partner countries and also an analysis of job advertisements which have appeared since January 2011 when the project began.

Report available at:



Bologna, Italy

9 May- 20 June (on Wednesdays): Film restoration online theory course, distance learning

23- 30 June: Theory lectures and Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival:

2- 13 July: Restoration practice classes

Programme of Film Restoration Summer School 2012/ FIAF Summer School – Bologna 2012

ICPT 2012

2nd International Conference of Photography and Theory 
Agia Napa, Cyprus
30 November- 2 December 2012

Research in historical, artistic and vernacular photography has been rapidly expanding in the past few years. Responding to this trend, the International Conference of Photography and Theory (ICPT) was created with an aim to provide an outlet for an interdisciplinary and critical theoretical exploration of photography and photographic practices. The 2nd International Conference of Photography and Theory (ICPT 2012) aims once again at bringing together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields of study who share a common interest in photography. This year’s topic is ‘Photography and Museums’. » Read more..

MediAsia 2012

The Third Asian Conference on Media & Mass Comunication 
Osaka, Japan
2- 4 November 2012

The 3rd Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication: Prof Gary E. Swanson Mildred S. Hansen Endowed Chair in Journalism The University of Northern Colorado, USA Conference Chair Prof Tamara Swenson Osaka Women’s University Local Conference Chair

ATMM 2012

Audio Technologies for Music and Media 
Ankara, Turkey
1-2 November 2012

ATMM is an interdisciplinary conference that focuses on the various aspects of audio for music and media, and, also, on the relationship between sound, music, image, human interaction et cetera, in both ‘new’ and ‘traditional’ media.

PATCH 2012

5th International Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage
Nara, Japan
29 October – 2 November 2012.

Deadline for submissions of papers: July 1st, 2012

The primary goal of this workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners from different fields, e.g., multimedia retrieval, user interaction, arts and heritage curation, interface design and user modeling, in order to showcase novel applications and discuss opportunities that grow from the connections between users and multimedia systems in the cultural heritage domain.

43rd Annual IASA Conference

“In Transition: Access for All”
Delhi, India
6-11 October 2012

Access to information is widely perceived as an uncontested good, a right of the same order as access to clean water and electricity. UNESCO says that universal access will empower people if “they can access and contribute to information and knowledge flows,” and that a digital infrastructure will provide it. Governments all over the world mouth support for these aspirations and the public has come to expect access to all sorts of information wherever and whenever they want and need it, including, and perhaps especially, sound and audiovisual content. » Read more..